Friday, September 2, 2011

This and that about the Dawgs, Boise and a few games from last night.

1. One Boise blogger believes that a key to the game is to "Limit the UGA running game to 75 yards or less. We must contain the young running back Crowell, and limit Aaron Murray’s scrambling abilities to behind the line of scrimmage. We must do this with only 6 men in the box. "
I seriously doubt it will happen but I truly hope that Boise State's defensive coordinator is of the same mindset. Let's look at Georgia's base set real quick; five huge linemen, a very solid TE, a 270 lb fullback, any running back on the team and the fleet footed Murray. If they have only 6 men in the box that means a hat on a hat across the front line with no one to account for the fullback, Murray, or the running back. That means Figgins is free to clean up any of their 6 men in the box able to get off their block. If no one gets off a block that leaves Figgins to clean up the first poor soul in the secondary who tries to come up and help out. That leaves the second man in the secondary as the first guy with a legit shot at our running back. I like those odds. If anyone reading has any influence over Boise's coaches please ask them to stick to this guy's gameplan.

2. I have read many a blog and comment by fans about how Bobo over does the play action as well as doesn't set it up with an effective enough running game. I myself have thought that we call play action a little too often. Today I saw a stat that kind of surprised me; Murray completed 68.8% of his passes when Georgia went play action last season. His overall completion percentage was 61.1%. That 68.8% was without a running game that scared any other team. If Crowell and Samuel can become more of a threat than King and Ealey were then that percentage could go even higher while leading to even bigger plays out of it.

3. In David Greene's second year at starter he improved his TD passes thrown by 5 and dropped his int's thrown by 1. If Murray can duplicate that type improvement it would mean 29 TD passes and 7 int's this season. I'll take that.

4. I am not sure if Edward Ashcoff simply worded this story about Crowell poorly or if he truly meant that Crowell blowing off the media to go to a tutoring session proves that "there’s still some diva in him". I will however be happy if the only negative headlines about Crowell are that he ignores the media to make sure his grades stay in order.

5. Did anyone else witness how inept Kentucky's offense was last night? Despite getting four turnovers by Western Kentucky the Wildcats only managed to score 14 points and were held to 190 total yards. Could this be the year that Vandy does not finish dead last in the east?

6. The fake Bulldawgs looked pretty impressive in their opener, winning 59-14. Then again it was against Memphis. They might be the best 4th place team in any division in the country. It wouldn't shock me if they upset LSU, Arkansas or Alabama. They will be the real Dawgs toughest game between the South Carolina and Florida games.

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