Monday, October 10, 2011

Georgia Tech's brutal schedule.

Brutally awful. I am pretty sure Valdosta High has played a tougher schedule to this point. Tech has played 1 team with a winning record (UNC). Overall Tech's opponent's are 13-18. 5 of the 13 wins are against 1AA schools. That makes their opponents 8-18 against 1A teams. One of Tech's opponents, Middle Tennessee State lost to Western Kentucky. Western Kentucky last year ended the nation's longest losing streak when the finally won a game after 26 straight losses. They currently have a 19 game losing streak at home.
Tech's schedule with their opponents records.

H-1AA Western Carolina (1-4)
A-Middle Tennessee State (1-4) Side note- their one win was against Memphis, Memphis you lost to the team that lost to Western Kentucky, WOW.
Second side note, what in the world is Tech thinking playing at Middle Tennessee State. I guess they ran out of hotdogs and cokes to give away to get rid of home tickets.
H - Kansas - (2-3)
H - UNC - (5-1) (nice win for Tech by a TD)
@NC State (2-3)
H - Maryland (2-3)

Who knows maybe Tech is as good as their record shows but they have only had to prove themselves in a single game. They do get to prove themselves the second half of the season as they play six teams that currently have winning records, though 3 of the 6 are 1 game over .500. They do have tests against Clemson, Virginia Tech and our beloved Dawgs as 3 of their last 5 games.

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