Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keys to a Georgia Win - Tennessee review

1. Georgia OL versus Tennessee DL. Result - Well this was 50/50. Georgia gave Murray more time than he has had all season outside of the Coastal Carolina game. That is a huge improvement. On the other hand there were far fewer holes opened up in the running game. Some of that I think was by design of the UT defense in using extra men to stop the run and simply out numbering the blockers. Overall a good performance by the OL but still with lots of room to improve.

2. Get pressure on Bray. Result - This again was a 50/50 thing. Bray had all day in the first half with little to no pressure and he used that too his advantage in the first half moving the ball well but still only putting up 6 points. The second half Georgia got more pressure which led to more errant throws by Bray as well as a couple of intentional groundings late, one each for Bray and Simms. I think without his best pass rusher in Washington Grantham was happy to rely more on coverage and it worked out well overall.

3. Throw the Tennessee receivers timing off. Result - I think for the most part Georgia did this with one glaring exception, the tight end in the first half. Despite Tennessee's sucess to their backs and tight ends (13 of their 22 completions)they had little sucess down field to their wide receivers. Normally when a high percentage of passes are underneathe a quarterback will complete a high percentage of his passes but Georgia held the two Tennessee QB's to 22 of 39 (56%). Only three wide receivers had catches and only two of those had more than one catch. All of Tennessee's wide receivers combined to have less yards than Malcolm Mitchell has on his own. Considering the UT quarterbacks had time to throw the ball most of the game that means the coverage for Georgia was excellent.

4. Take advantage of mistakes. Result - Neither team had a big mistake that cost them, although watching the replay of Tennessee's non-fumble fumble shows the ball was clearly out. Georgia did take advantage of the good field position that the snap over Bray's head and the following punt gave them by scoring a TD to take the lead for good in the game. On the plus side for Georgia is for the first game outside of Coastal Carolina they did not "give" the other team any points. Amazing how good a defense that is playing well can look when they are not put in bad situations.

5. Big play on special teams - Result - There were no big plays by Georgia's special teams but they did hit both of their FG's and only had one negative play, the big punt return on 4th and 56 to go along with the 15 yards penalty. That is improvement and hopefully will lead to bigger things from this part of Georgia's game.

Prediction - 35 - 24 Georgia wins. Result - 20-12 Georgia.

Season Keys
a) Get Crowell involved in as many drives as possible. Result -Despite being banged up Crowell was involved in the game. He had both TD's and 19 carries, well more carries if you count the half dozen plays that called back for holds.

b) Get A first down on every drive. Result - I am not certain but I think the 1st time Georgia had a 3 and out was with 8 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. They had one more on their last drive of the game. That was it. This didn't lead to a ton of points but it did keep the leagues leader in T.O.P off the field. Georgia had the ball for 7 minutes more than Tennessee.

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