Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keys to a Georgia Win - Florida edition

1. Win the turnover battle - Last three games against UF Georgia is -11 in the turnover battle. This season Georgia is plus 7 in turnovers and Florida is minus 5. Georgia needs to make sure this seasons trend continues not the trend in the series.

the next two go hand in hand

2. Controlled aggression - Being proactive in everything they do. Not backing down but doing so under control so that they do they maintain assignments. A flag here or there for being a bit over aggressive, say hitting a receiver coming across the middle a step early and making him think twice about doing it again and drawing a flag equals not too bad a penalty, but not for being stupid, say hitting a receiver two steps late after he has already dropped the ball equals plain stupid.

3. Play to win - This is cliche but for Georgia it is vital against UF. Georgia has to play to win the game as opposed to playing simply not to lose. The team will follow the coaches lead. Richt, Bobo and Grantham need to have an aggressive game plan and stick to it. Some fans have been unhappy with the way Georgia has gone conservative in games that were well in hand. Normally I am actually in favor of that type of gameplan. I am by nature old school when it comes to football. Get a lead, protect it with running the ball and great defense. However I believe against UF that Georgia has to keep its foot on the pedal unless the game gets completely out of hand. By out of hand I mean Georgia is up a touchdown for each minute left in the game. One minute left in the game and up a touchdown, run the ball right up the middle every play. Two minutes up fourteen same thing. Three minutes up 21 more of the same and so on.

This plan however goes further than finishing out the game. Georgia must call an aggressive game right from the start. 3rd and long for the Florida, don't always drop back in a zone, mix it up, bring some heat. Not every third and long but keep Florida guessing. On offense don't be afraid to let Murray drop back and throw on third and long. Again not every third and long has to be drop back and try to hit a home run but mix it up. Take a few chances and see what happens.

Prediction - 38-17 Georgia. Call it wishful thinking, call it crazy given the series recent history but I simply have a feeling that Georgia will finally play a complete game this season and when they do I don't think UF will be able to hang.

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