Friday, October 28, 2011

Aaron Murray's time

Plain and simple Aaron Murray is on pace to set all kinds of Georgia passing records and possibly even a few SEC ones. Using the numbers from SicEmDawgs and I projected out Murray's numbers for the rest of this season as well as his career. The projections are based a thirteen game season.

Passing attempts season:
so. 7th - 368
fr. 9th - 342

Passsing attempts career:
2nd - 1404

Passing yards season:
so. 4th - 3069 (most by UGA so.)
fr. 5th - 3049 (most by UGA fr.)

Passing yards career:
12,225 (1st all time SEC over David Greene by 697 yards)

Completion % season:
so. 9th - 60.6%
fr. 6th - 61.1%

Completion % career:
1st - 60.9%

Passing efficiency rating:
so. 4th 150.33
fr. 2nd 154.48

Passing efficiency career:
1st 153.03

Yards per pass attempt - season:
so. 14th 8.3
fr. 7th 8.9

Yards per pass attempt - career:
1st - 8.7

Touchdown passes season:
so. 1st 30
fr. 3rd 24(tied with 4 others)

Touchdown passes career:
1st 104

His one perceived weakness numbers wise is interceptions. His individual seasons would not make the list for single season lows but the pace he is on for his career would rank him as the third lowest % of interceptions thrown per pass attempt for a career at Georgia with a 2.7%. Behind only Greene at 2.22% and Zeier at 2.64%. Believe it or not Quincey Carter ranks 3rd currently at 2.93%. It is crazy that 5 of his career 25 int's came in one game.

Murray is on pace to be one of, if not the greatest passer(stats wise), in Georgia history. Despite that there has been some minor grumblings on the internet that Mason should get a chance. The reason for that is that despite the numbers Murray has put up he has yet to have a signature win. His overall record is 11-9 and against the SEC it went over .500,7-6, for the first time after beating Vandy. His biggest win may be over 6-7 Georgia Tech last season. It is not that Murray has not played well in the losses. The first half of the UF game last year, the UCF game last year, and the turnovers against South Carolina are really the only times Murray has not at least given his team a chance to win. In two of those games, the UF and the South Carolina games Murray also threw for 7td's.

Murray would be the first to admit though that quarterbacks are not measured by stats. The only numbers that people seem to remember when judging a qb's career is wins and losses. Florida is not a great team this year but given recent record against UF and the fact that Georgia has to have this game to keep the pressure on South Carolina in the race for the SEC east this game is huge. Georgia needs this win but so does Murray from a perception stand point. I have a feeling he is going to have that signature win and not just because he has the team around him to get it done. I believe that this is Murray's time. This is his team and it is time he leads them to a big win. He is coming off his biggest yardage game of his career. During the second half of last years game against UF he was unstoppable. Georgia has won 5 in a row. UF is realing after He may not put up monster numbers but somewhere around 250 yards and 2 TD's with no interceptions should be enough to lead Georgia to a win. I have a feeling that Murray will be the difference in the game this weekend.

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