Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vandy by the numbers

As anyone who pays attention to SEC football knows by now Vandy's defense is pretty darn good. They also know that their offense is bad, but after looking at a few numbers they are worse than even I thought. Here is how Vandy ranks offensively on the national level:
scoring 98th at 20.4 points per game
rushing offense 100th at 115.2 yards per game
passing offense 114th at 129.2 yards per game
total offense 117th at 244.4 yaards per game (40 yards per game WORSE than last year)

How bad is that? Well Ole Miss, the next worst 1A team Georgia has played this season ranks higher in every category, though not by much. Vandy would need to surpass the number of yards a game it averages by 16 yards against Georgia to reach the number of yards Georgia's 7th ranked nationally total defense averages giving up. To put that differently, Georgia's defense is the 7th best in the nation and would actually improve their defense if they gave up the number of yards Vandy is averaging. Georgia's worst offensive total of 315 yards is 70 more yards than Vandy averages per game. They have only surpassed Georgia's worst offensive output in one game. Their points per game is helped greatly by the fact that they have scored 3 touchdown's on defense. If you take that away from them they are averaging 16.2 points per game on offense. Their defense has more yardage in interception returns than their top two receivers combined and have almost as many TD's (3) as they have passing TD's (4). Vandy does not have a passer, receiver or running back in the top ten in the SEC. The good news for Vandy's offense is that they are not the worst in the SEC, that honor would belong to UK. We will cover that train wreck later in the season.

The opposite of Vandy's offense is their defense. Here is their ranks nationally:
scoring defense 22nd at 19.4 points per game allowed
rushing defense 29th at 108 yards per game allowed
passing defense 29th at 199 yards per game allowed
total defense 21 at 307.2 yards per game allowed
Vandy leads the nation in interceptions with 14 (2.8/game).

Without having to dig much deeper there are two things that can beat Georgia when they Vandy; complacency and (lots of)turnovers.

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