Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few thoughts on the game...

Considering how bad Clemson lost to NC State, Oklahoma State losing to Iowa State, Oregon losing to USC, Oklahoma losing to Baylor and all the SEC teams that struggled today against 1AA teams our win over Kentucky looks much better.

Harton and Malcome both have good ability to be able to run the ball. Both have to learn how to hang onto the ball before they I won't be scared everytime they touch the ball. Not sure the extent of the injury to Crowell but I really hope he is back soon. You can argue about his toughness, endurance, and attitude but there is no arguing that when he is in the backfield Georgia is 100 times better on offense. Oh and to any top ten running back recruits out there *ahem Marshall ahem Gurley* we have plenty of carries to go around so feel free to join the Dawgs this off season.

Aaron Murray is 3rd all time in touchdown passes for a career at Georgia, first in single season touchdown passes, on pace to break the single season and career quarterback ratings for the school. Yet he has games like today where he looks extremely average. Games like last week against Auburn when Murray gets rolling he is right amongst the top quarterbacks in the country. If he is on his game he is amazing to watch. However games like today just make you shake your head. I know having basically the 6th  and 7th string tailback, if you consider that Ealey and King would be ahead of Harton had they not had to leave the team early, playing all the snaps on offense makes it more difficult on the passing game. Still this is the type game you expect elite quarterbacks to step up and carry the offense. Bobo attempted to let him do just that early in the game. Murray never seemed to feel comfortable in the pocket and made several errant throws. If he plays the way he is capable then running lanes open up and this game is not nearly as close. I really believe he can be a truly elite quarterback but for him to take the next step he has to make the routine plays more consistently.

I would like to welcome back the real Blair Walsh from his season long hiatus, please stick around for three more games. Not sure who has been standing in for him but with a big game against Tech, the SECCG and a pretty solid bowl (BCS??) coming up we are going to need him. With the way the defense is playing it feels great knowing that if we near the 25 yard line we are getting at least 3 points.

The offensive line had been slowly progressing all year. Well it took two steps back this week. Come on big guys we really need you to be at your best from here on out.

During the first half Jarvis Jones and Ogletree pretty much did everything on defense and by themselves seemed to limit Kentucky to ten points. The second half the rest of the defense decided to join them and Kentucky had no answer. Once the entire defense got going you had the feeling that they could have played another 4 quarters and Kentucky would have never threatened the defense.

I would not be fair if I didn't give Trevathan his due. He is as good as any linebacker I have seen play all year. He was not just racking up tackles, 17 of them, he was making plays. He attacked the ball and once he got near our guys it was over. Not sure how he ended up at Kentucky but man they got themselves a good one. Just as I was not sad to see Cobb leave Kentucky last year I will not be sad to see him go and I will look forward to seeing him play in the pros. On your way out though do me one favor Danny, kick Tennessee's butt and make sure they get to stay home for the holidays!

I may have mentioned this before and I will again for sure between the SECCG and the bowl game then again after the bowl game, we need to wrap up Grantham for a few extra years. We are not going to keep him around forever but if we can keep him a year or two extra by throwing a few extra bucks his way and extending his contract beyond that of the normal assistants then I am all for it. There are plenty of other coaches out there that can get the job done but there is no way to know 100% that the guy we end up replacing him with will be one that can. Just like when we had Van Gorder roaming the sidelines every year that Grantham is our DC we will be in the hunt for the SEC title.

Congratulations to the whole team on a hard earned SEC East title, you earned it! Now beat the nerds!

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