Sunday, November 13, 2011

Initial Reaction - Auburn

My first thoughts are that was the first complete game Georgia has played all year. They dominated all three phases of the game. The running game was great, the passing game was great, the defense was great and the special teams were also great compared to where they have been all year. Auburn started well on offense but simply could not sustain anything against the Georgia defense. 

While there are a lot of individuals that stand out to me the game ball should go to the offensive line. They opened the way for 304 yards rushing and your quarterback hardly gets hit in the game then the offensive line was not just good but great. Will Friend has taken the shakiest part of the team and turned it into a very solid unit. If they continue to improve their play then the part of the game that would scare me the most in a game against LSU wouldn't be as much of a mismatch as people would think.

While Bobo may be frustrating with a play call here and there, just like all offensive coordinators, but he is earning his pay this season. Georgia is rushing for more yards per game than in any season since 2007. Murray has already set the single season record for touchdown passes. His interception count is high for the season at 8 but he has only thrown 2 in the past five games. He is having possibly the best season ever throwing the ball at the University of Georgia. 

Georgia is now in prime position to play in the SECCG for the first time since 2005. They will have to not lose concentration this week against Kentucky but barring a major collapse the Wildcats shouldn't pose much of a threat. Richt has not just removed all doubt about his job but has actually set this team up for a good run for the next several years. 

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