Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keys to the game - Auburn

1. Focus on what this game - The Dawgs cannot be worried about the outcome of the South Carolina/Florida game. We have to treat this game the way we have the last 7, as a must win. If South Carolina wins it is a must win because if we lose they win the division. If South Carolina loses it is a must win because we can wrap up the division. Focus only on our game and not the outcome of a game that matters little to us if we win our next two games. We control our own destiny, keep it that way.

2. Running game - I mean this for both sides of the ball. I do not think that AU can use the pass to set up the run against us. If they are going to beat UGA it is going to be by establishing the running game and forcing more defenders into the box and allowing them to pass when they want to. If Georgia can shut down the running game and force AU to pass at times they don't want to then the advantage is to Georgia. For Georgia on offense they do not have to be dominate in the running game but they do need to be good enough to keep AU honest  on defense. If Georgia can make AU keep 7 guys in the box for the run then AU's weakness in the secondary should show and Murray should have a good game passing the ball.

3. Limit big plays by AU. Georgia's defense is good enough that I don't think that AU can sustain long drives. With their youth on offense and Georgia's ability to make plays on defense AU won't win the game if they are constantly having to make 10+ play drives. However if AU can shorten the field with the return game, turnovers or by hitting big plays then it will be hard to keep them out of the end zone.

4. Spread the ball around. Part of what has made the offense go this season is the fact that so many guys are contributing. With the return of Mitchell it would be easy to focus on getting him the ball. While getting Mitchell the ball is a good idea we cannot afford to force feed any player. Take what is there. The more guys involved in carrying the load the harder they are going to be to defend.

Prediction - 34-17 UGA

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