Monday, November 14, 2011

Keys to the game and film review - Auburn

1. Focus on what this game means - Result - Clearly Georgia was 100% focused on this game and not worried about what South Carolina did. They took control in the first half and never looked back. The kickoff coverage early on was a big sign of just how focused they were on doing everything the right way. The coaches did a great job of having the team ready to go.

2. Running game - Result - Georgia ran for over 304 yards. Auburn was held to 51 yards. Georgia's lines dominated on both sides of the ball. The most impressive was the second half when Georgia only attempted two passes and did not have to punt the entire half. That is domination.

3. Limit big plays by AU. Result - Blake had one catch of 45 yards. Auburn got two turnovers. They did not have a kick return over 25 yards. None of those plays resulted in any points for Auburn so even though they had a few big plays the damage was limited on all of them. Auburn was forced to drive the field and the defense never allowed them to get anything going with only nine first downs.

4. Spread the ball around. Result - Two rushers has over 100 yards. Murray only attempted 18 passes but completed passes to seven different receivers. Fantastic job by Bobo of play calling and the offense did a great job of executing that game plan.

Prediction - 34-17 UGA Result - 45-7 complete domination.

Watching the game a second time mostly confirmed what was very obvious, Georgia was dominate and had they wanted they could have easily scored more points in the second half. Pretty much everything Georgia did worked and only by nit picking could you find fault with the things Georgia did.

The offensive line deserves the game ball. The first half they helped the team run and pass at will to take a big lead. The second half Auburn knew Georgia was going to run the ball all the time and Auburn couldn't do a thing about it. Thomas had the best game of his career. Crowell ran with more authority than he has all year.  One thing I really liked seeing was the last first down Georgia got. It was the backup line and Ken Malcome running the ball. Auburn had everyone in the box and Georgia was able to run three straight plays to get the final first down of the game. Awesome.

Murray is starting to take the next step in his development. He has been much more accurate and a lot of that is a) having time and b) focusing on his mechanics. I think the other thing is he is starting to develop trust and timing with his receivers. The back shoulder throws he was making to them only work if Murray trusts they will make the plays and they have the timing to know when to turn and look for the ball. It is a throw that Aaron Rodgers uses that makes the Packers so hard to defend.

This was the best game that Grantham has called in his time at Georgia. Several games during the current win streak have been a matter of Grantham finding a weakness or two of the other team and exploiting it. Several other games Grantham knew he had the other team over matched and kept it very simple. Watching the game a second time I realized how much more exotic the blitzes Georgia was bringing this game. I am not why he threw so much at Auburn but in that first half he completely had Malzoln on his heels. Grantham took away what Auburn does best, run the ball, then brought tons of pressure so that the freshman quarterback could never get comfortable.

The first thing I can nit pick is that we had two turnovers. Second would be that despite not giving up a return of more than 25 yards there were a couple of kickoff returns well past the 35. There were several delay of game calls that could have cost us in a closer game. The final thing would be that we got burnt again on a trick play for a good gain. Rambo bit on the play and let their man get behind him. Really when you beat a rival with some talent 45-7 there couldn't be that many mistakes. I hate Auburn and I loved this game!

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