Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kentucky by the numbers.

 UKSEC RankNat. RankUGASEC RankNat. Rank
Passing yards14712th110th250.33rd42nd
Passing yards allowed194.98th26th186.26th15th
Rushing yards126.511th88th188.44th33rd
Rushing yards allowed197.210th97th87.13rd5th
Total offense273.512th118th438.72nd31
Total defense392.110th66th273.33rd4th
PPG scored1712th115th35.83rd20th
PPG allowed2710th64th18.63rd12th
Time of poss/per game28.21 min9th93rd33.461st8th
First downs/per game1512th117th22.81st31st
Opponent first downs20.310th64th14.32nd2nd
3rd down %29.1712th116th45.393rd36th
Opponent 3rd down %40.8210th69th27.942nd2nd
Sacks (total)1610th76th251st21st
Sacks allowed3012th113th227th78th
Tackles for loss5210th78th761st8th
Tackles for loss allowed728th113th575th61st
Turnovers gained185th47th233rd14th
Turnovers lost209th86th144th27th
Turnover marginminus 210th76th plus 92nd8th
Red zone TD %5011th108th61.366th62nd
Red zone total %76.9211th94th81.828th57th
Red zone trips2610th106th444th26th
Opp. red zone TD %54.555th34th63.1611th76th
Opp. red zone total %78.795th41st84.2110th81st
Opp. red zone trips336th42nd192nd4th
10+ yard plays9312th116th1632nd24th
10+ yard plays allowed14210th76th1195th25th

The first thing that is obvious is there is not many areas where Kentucky is even average. Their defense is bad for the SEC and below average nationally. Their offense is atrocious. Their biggest plus is their red zone defense, it is the only area they are statisically better than Georgia.That is countered by the fact that they give up so many big plays that teams don't need to score from the red zone. Kentucky also allows opponents into their red zone far more often than Georgia. If I am Kentucky the fact that I have given up so many sacks and Georgia has gotten so many sacks scares me to death. That is made even worse by the fact that Georgia seldom gives up yards on the ground which will force Kentucky to throw more than they want. Individually there is no player that stands out to scare you either. Well they do have two guys on defense that both have over 100 tackles. The only problem with that is they are the only guys no the team making tackles and one of them is a DB. You do not want a defensive back near your team lead in tackles as it means too many tackles are being made down field instead of at the line of scrimmage.

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