Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keys to the game - Kentucky edition review

1. Run the ball, then run it some more - Result - Despite how it looked Georgia actually did do this. They ran the ball 46 times. The reason it was not as successful as it could have been was that it was Harton and Malcome running the ball instead of Crowell and Thomas, though the two did combine for 138 yards on on 32 carries. They started slow but picked it up in the second half. Their biggest problem was the three lost fumbles. I did like what I saw out of them both and think there is some potential when they are called upon. Overall a mixed bag.
2. Don't turn the ball over - Result - Awful. Georgia turned the ball over 4 times. The only reason this was not a back breaker is because the defense also forced 4 turnovers. This is a game Georgia could get away with the turnovers but that won't be the case the rest of the season.

3. Get to the quarterback - Result - Early in the game Kentucky did a decent job of protecting Smith. As the game wore on they had no answer for the Georgia pass rush and more specifically for Jarvis Jones. Once the pass rush got going Kentucky could barely cross the line of scrimmage much less get first downs. They actually had negative yards for the second half going into their last drive of the game.
4. Go for the early knockout punch - Result - Not only did Georgia not get the early knockout they didn't deliver one the whole game. The closest thing to one came late in the third quarter when Jones forced a fumble that led to the lone touchdown of the day. The offense had it chances in the first half to make it a very comfortable game, getting into field goal range five times but for all the effort they only came away with 12 points in the first half. No matter who is at running back Murray needs to lead the team to touchdown drives more often when we have the ball with good field position.
5. Rest the starters as soon as possible - Result - Only one starter got to rest at all and that was because of an injury. Massive fail on this front. I guess if you want to look at it with rose colored glasses you could say that if not for the game staying close then the starters would not have gotten to play a full four quarters since Novemeber 29th and they needed the conditioning of having to do so going into the Georgia Tech game but that is really reaching for a positive.

Prediction - 48-13 - Result - 19-10 I guess it is good the defense out performed my prediction but then again the 13 I predicted was really based on the fact that the second string would give up a late touchdown during mop up duty. Due to my work schedule this week I doubt I'll have time to rewatch the game which actually might be saving myself some really painful moments to watch. Here is what I expect I would come up with if I do get to watch it again: OL = bad. Murray = erractic. Defense = started slow but in the end was way too much for Kentucky to handle. Walsh = the job is his again unless he messes it up. Special teams overall = where has this been most of the season. Ogletree+Jarvis = lots of icebags for the other teams offense.

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