Saturday, December 17, 2011

Urban Meyer recruiting advantage

This news is about a week old but I the more I think about it the more it bugs me. The waiver states that Ohio State may keep its full outgoing coaching staff for coaching the players while he hires new coaches that can recruit. It does not allow for more than 10 coaches total at any one time but that gives them a three coach advantage over their competition. Do you not think that coaches at other schools would love to have 3 coaches dedicated full time to recruiting while not losing anything on the practice field? Does anyone not believe that Meyer will be telling recruits that other coaches are ignoring them while he is paying them 100% attention despite the fact that the reason the other coach is not spending them time on them is because he happens to be actually coaching his team?

The ruling also states that no more than seven coaches may be recruiting at one time. Does that mean that 7 can recruit one day and 7 the next? What is defined at one time? Do they not believe that Meyer, or any coach for that matter, will not push the envelope of what is allowed under the special waiver?

The article also says the NCAA grants this type waiver all the time. Is it just for entirely new coaching staffs? Would it be granted for a head coach that stays but hires several new coaches because he fired old ones or they left for better jobs? Is Auburn eligible for the waiver since they are looking for a new OC and DC? What about when Georgia had grad assistants coaching the defense? Something just smells fishy to me that a team would be allowed this type of advantage in recruiting from an organization that had rules about the condiments that can be given to players to go on their bagels.

To finish it off, isn't Ohio State in this position because they broke rules and had to fire their head coach as a result? Why shouldn't it be hard on them to have to deal with the transition? If this type waiver is granted frequently maybe it explains the number of coaches that have huge success in their second year at a new program.

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