Monday, December 5, 2011

Review of Keys to the Game - SECCG Game Edition

1. Run game - Result - LSU out gained Georgia by 180 yards rushing. Even though Georgia only gained 2.3 yards per carry they did not commit to running the ball as much as they needed to in order to keep LSU off balance. With the issues at tailback between Samuel being out, Crowell being banged up, and Thomas getting hurt as well as just not being big enough against LSU I was surprised he did not get a chance until the fourth quarter. We will never know if he could have made a difference when it mattered but in mop up duty he ran extremely hard.

2. Ball security - Result - First half we don't turn the ball over and we are up 10-7. Second half we turn it over 3 times and it cost us every time. Result we get out scored 35-0 in the second half.

3. Stay strong mentally - Result - This more than anything cost Georgia the game. The first mental mistakes were the drops in the first half. If Georgia does not tighten up on catches where no LSU defender hits them and the ball hits them in the hands the score is probably 21-0 and Georgia is rolling early in the game. Then their mental toughness was tested like I expected at some point when LSU had the punt return for a touchdown. After that touchdown and the early turnover in the second half the team was never the same. Before those two plays LSU had zero first downs and 12 yards of offense. After they had 220 yards and 13 first downs. Other than going with a bigger tailback LSU really didn't change much from what they were doing in the first half. LSU never blinked and just kept doing what they do.

4. Don't try to do too much - Result - Early on despite aggressive play calling by Georgia they were doing a good job of not trying to do too much. The best example of this was the wide receiver pass play by Mitchell. When he got out wide he realized there was nothing there tucked the ball and got what he could. When things started to go against Georgia players started to try to do too much. The first turnover was a nice play by Murray at first but his great effort to make sure he got the first down cost the team a turnover. In the punt game we were trying to gain field position instead of a higher shorter punt that would have not allowed a punt return. On defense players started over running plays trying to make the big play instead of doing their job the way they did in the first half. Again what makes LSU so great is that they all just do their job and do it exceptionally well.

Prediction - 20-16 LSU wins. Result - 42 - 10 - Georgia came out with a game plan and had the chance to really put LSU in a deep hole early on but missed chances, mainly dropped passes, kept Georgia from putting LSU on the ropes. Eventually a couple plays went against Georgia and once they did Georgia was never able to recover. The difference in the teams is that when Georgia had chances they didn't take full advantage of them and LSU did. LSU has won several games this year when the other team out gained them. LSU is the best in the country because they get yards, field position, and points from their defense and special teams. On offense they are not great but they know who they are and take advantage when they do get a short field.

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