Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ealey, where does he go from here?

Washaun Ealey, after being suspended from the team for the last few weeks, has now been reinstated. Ealey has been Georgia's leading rusher the last two seasons and has shown flashes of greatness with a 5 td game against UK this past season and the 180 yard performance against GT his freshman year. Yet he has never shown that he can be relied on to be the man from week to week. Whether it is trouble with his driver's licence, skipping a punishment run, or holding onto the ball in key situations Ealey has taken two steps back for every one step forward.
This spring is huge for all of the running backs on the roster to try to show who can put themselves in a position for the early lead going into summer camp when Crowell will arrive on campus and get his shot at the starting job. Thomas has some speed and nice moves but is limited in what he can do by his size. King has had his fair share of troubles this past year and I doubt that after four full years on campus he is going to suddenly be the spark the offense needs from the running back position. Malcome is the biggest of the backs and has potential but has yet to play in a game after being redshirted last year.
Of all the backs already on campus I still believe Ealey has the most upside. He needs cut out the distractions and let the fact that the biggest target we had on offense was a running back light a fire under him. Instead of skipping a punishment run which stemmed from skipping a workout, run extra after every workout because you want to be great. Instead of gift wrapping the starting job and all your carries to the incoming hot shot, work harder than you ever have before to force him to come in and have to earn every carry he gets. If Crowell still beats you out after truly giving all you have then keep pushing so that everyday he has to push himself to stay ahead of you. Force the coaches trust you by putting in the work, force the fans to love you again by doing it come game time. The choice is yours. It is put up or shut up time.

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