Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring practice - Day 1.

Of all the reports I've read about the first day of spring practice this quote from Caleb King is probably the one that has me most hopeful.
“He’s still got to come in and work hard because the rest of us are working hard,” King said. “We’re all busting our tails. I’m going to try to get him under my wing and go from there.” (from the ajc)
This gets me excited for a couple of reasons. First it is Caleb saying he is going to fight to get as much playing time as he can, which even if Crowell is everything everyone hopes he is the team will still need depth at running back. The second part is King saying he will try to take Crowell under his wing. This shows that King knows that King is willing to help the team out by working with Crowell instead of against him. King knows all about coming in with a lot of hype and hopefully can help Crowell deal with all the attention that garners as well as help him to avoid some of the pitfalls that King himself has been through.

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