Saturday, July 2, 2011

Choking on the Kool-Aid

The number one reason to not believe that this year will be any different from last year is to look at the trend from 2007 until now. 2007 was an 11-2 season with a number 2 final ranking. Then 10-3 after starting 2008 #1. Then 2009 was 8-5. 2010 6-7. That my friends is a pattern. Each year there has been talk about how leadership will be better yet the record continued to decline. There is a lot of good talk and vibe going on around the program this off season but it is mostly rehashed versions of what we have all heard the past few years. It is time for the team to go out and prove it on the field and no amount of off season talk can change what we are for now which is a 6-7 team.

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