Monday, July 4, 2011

Drinking the kool-aid part II

Any team with a losing record you might suspect got blown out a few times. For UGA however that was not the case. Four of the losses were by one score. All three of the other games Georgia was within a score or tied in the 4th quarter. The difference was often one play. Against South Carolina and Mississippi state it was a fumble when Georgia was going in for a touchdown. Against Colorado a fumble while in field goal range for the winning field goal. Against Florida it was an interception in overtime. Against Arkansas it was the inability to gain a first down late in the fourth quarter that at worst would have taken the game to overtime and at best set up a game winning field goal. Against Central Florida it was the inability to get one yard on the third and goal in the first quarter. That is 6 of the 7 losses. While it is a bit of a stretch to say 6-7 was very close to 12-1 the fact is for last years Georgia team it was only a few plays away from a very good season. There is reason to believe that the players will learn from last years mistakes in order to have those few plays go their way this year.

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