Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boise has no flaws...

Georgia fans seem to be bi-polar about this season. Opinions swing from "this is a wasted season already because Richt is still the coach" to "book your tickets for the SECCG". Boise fans are not just confident in their team they seem to think Boise has no weaknesses.

I do understand their confidence as Boise is a very good team that is extremely well coached. They do gloss over potential problems for their team as they lost the right side of their OL, both starting WR's, and 3 of 5 in the secondary. Boise very well may be able to replace all of those players without missing a beat. It is very bold however to claim that a line that gave up the third fewest sacks in the country "should be expected to only improve in the season to come" and that their receivers should "seamlessly fill the void left by Pettis and Young".

Maybe their fans are right and we made a huge mistake by scheduling them. If they truly have no weaknesses I am sure our coaches and players will be so terrified from watching their game film that a few of them may suddenly come down with horrible illnesses that keep them out of the game.

In all honesty I believe that Boise is rightfully the slight favorite for this game. Comparing their team last year to Georgia's and it is not even close. There is one problem with that, last year’s teams will not be playing. I think that Georgia will be the most focused during summer practice they have been since the last time we played Boise. I do not know if that will translate into a win but I do know that Boise better bring their A+ game if they hope to get out with a win.

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