Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trying to understand some "fans" logic.

One of my biggest flaws is that I read too many comments sections and threads from places that I know have the most extreme "fans". This is worse for me when its summer and there is little new information about UGA football so I am trying to get anything I can read about to help with my addition. The problem is that there are certain places where my fellow "fans" sometimes don't seem to be fans at all.

I expect a lot out of UGA. Richt spoiled me with 4 straight years of 10 win seasons and added two more in 2007 and 2008. He had 6 ten win seasons in his first 8 years. SEC title game appearances became the norm from 2002-2005, only missing out in 2004. I, like all Georgia fans, enjoyed the ride and believe that this should be the norm. It has not been that way lately and that has led many to start calling for Richt to go. With the quick success that many coaches have had at programs it is fully understandable for fans to want to see results now. I happen to be a huge Richt supporter but even I am at the end of my rope. This year things must get going in the right direction, how many wins that is I don't know.

There is however a group, small but very vocal, of so called fans that seem to WANT Richt to fail this year so that McGarity will be forced to fire him. This simply does not compute to me. What they seem to be pushing is that they will actually be happier with a 5-7 record than a 9-3 record this season because 5-7 would end up with Richt fired and 9-3 Richt might(probably would) keep his job. There are some "fans" that give off the vibe that they would rather go 1-11 more than they would go 11-1 because the 11-1 would mean another year of Richt. As a fan of any team I can't understand that. I would never under any circumstances be happy with a Georgia loss. Whatever happens next year or the year after that I don't know but I do know that each and every time that my beloved Dawgs step onto the field I will be cheering for them as though it were the national title game. It is in my blood, it is how I am wired and that will not change.

GATA Dawgs!

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