Friday, July 29, 2011

Where's the beef?

Last year the biggest test for Boise State's offensive line was Virginia Tech. Most people assume Virginia Tech, being in an automatic qualifier conference that they would have the size advantage and be able to out physical Boise on the line of scrimmage. Comparing weights though Boise's offensive line was only 7 lbs lighter per player than Virginia Tech's. Boise's 4 down linemen on defense were actually bigger by around 13 lbs each. Combine the two and Boise was actually bigger across the lines than Virginia Tech was last year by 15 lbs. One of the perceived advantages for Virginia Tech was actually very slightly tilted in Boise State's favor.

That however will not be the case this year. Georgia's offensive line weighs in at 1647 lbs combined to Boise's 1479. A difference of almost 34 lbs per player. On defense Boise's front four are a combined 1125 lbs to UGA's 1234 (if you include the biggest linebacker as the "4th" lineman for a difference of around 27 lbs per player. In fact compared to last years Virginia Tech defensive line Georgia has 3 linebackers that are bigger than one of Virginia Tech's defensive end's and all 3 of Georgia's true linemen are bigger than Virginia Tech's biggest lineman.

Now will this weight advantage actually play a role in the game? It may or may not but there is no doubt that last year Boise did not face a team with the bulk on the line's that UGA will throw at them. Georgia's coaches will need to come up with a gameplan that will take advantage of the size advantage. They will also need to keep the game close early on so that they can be stubborn with their running game to help wear down the smaller Boise State defensive line. The final thing I like about this matchup is that even with 4 down linemen Virginia Tech was over matched with size, where as Georgia with only 3 will have the much bigger team than Virginia Tech did and still have 4 linebackers on the field which should also give them more athletes on the field than Virginia Tech threw at Boise.

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