Friday, August 5, 2011

First day of practice

The reports about yesterday's opening practice for UGA didn't offer much information about the players. Apparently Jenkins left practice with heat related issues. Malcolm Mitchell made a few nice catches and Richt let into him a little bit for not running full out after he made a catch. Maybe when the morning articles are out there will be a bit more information. There was however a nice slide show on scout from the first day’s practice. While it doesn't reveal much there were a couple of freshmen that pass the eyeball test. First was Amarlo Herrera. He looks like he is physically ready to step in and contribute at linebacker right away. If he is able to pick up Grantham's playbook fairly quickly he could provide some much needed depth. The other one that stood out to me was Justin Scott-Wesley. I guess because of how much I had read about him being a speedster I was expecting him to be on the smaller size but he is built more like a running back than a wide receiver. As for guys that have been around a bit longer Jarvis Jones looks every bit the part of a 5 star 3 year college player. Ken Malcome and Richard Samuel both have the build of guys that can run between the tackles and wear on a defense over the course of a game. Oh and this just in Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins are pretty darn big.

Does any of this mean anything to how the team will perform? I honestly have no idea but I will tell a story of a game I went to back in 2006. It was Wake Forest versus Virginia Tech. Wake came into the game 9-1 and playing the best you will ever see a Wake Forest team. I was chatting to a few Wake fans before the game and all they could say was how big Virginia Tech looked. Then as the game went on they started commenting on how fast they were as well to go with that size. When the game was over Wake had been beaten soundly. Wake would go on to win the ACC that year to shock everyone, especially their own fans. Which team looks more impressive getting off the bus does not win the game but it certainly does not hurt.

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