Friday, August 12, 2011

Run the ball, run it some more...

As I, and many other UGA faithful, have pointed out before there is one place where UGA has a distinct advantage, the overall size of the team. This is even more exaggerated by the fact that Boise's base defense is a 4-2-5. Murray is clearly the leader of the offense and the team is going to lean on him heavily this season to win games. For the Boise game though I think that Georgia should commit to the run and not get away from it unless absolutely forced to. Even down a score or two Georgia should continue to pound the ball. Over four quarters this will wear on a defense, especially an undersized one.

According to reports out of Boise they really only have 4 linebackers that they trust. Boise loves to throw different looks at an offense but with a power running game it is not as much about scheme as it is putting a hat on and hat and seeing who wins the battle. If Boise chooses to stay in its base defense then the big offensive line along with Bruce Figgins at fullback and Samuels at tailback will have an even bigger size advantage. If staying with the run forces Boise out of their base set into a 3 linebacker look then they will only have one trusted guy to back up three positions. It will open up the passing game as Boise will have one less man that is comfortable in coverage.

A full commitment to the running game will also make the play-action game, a staple of Georgia’s offense, much more effective. Boise's defense is one that is based on speed and discipline. They also rely heavily on producing a strong pass rush. By committing to a smash mouth type offense Bobo can negate what makes Boise so good. Defensive ends that are worried about stopping the run are much less effective as pass rushers.
Georgia averaged about 62 plays a game last season. If at the end of the Boise game Georgia has about 38-40 runs and about 22-24 passes I would truly like the odds of the Dawgs winning. If the game allows it, meaning Georgia is always close or leading, and that run total is able to surpasses 40 carries then I have a great deal of confidence that the Dawgs will come out on top.

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