Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carolina reviewing the game tape

Normally this late in the week I would be focused on the next opponent but given who Georgia plays this week I took another look back at the Carolina game. Here are a few of my observations.

1)Grantham called a hell of a game, possibly his best since he came to Georgia last year. The defense was responsible for giving up 17 points. Even on the drives where the defense gave up points Grantham had made calls that gave the defense a chance, he was not fooled by anything Spurrier called. On one touchdown Garcia made a great throw and Jeffery showed why he is considered one of the best in the nation. Smith was all over him but was out muscled for the ball. On the other drive the big play that led to the touchdown was a run by Lattimore, he had great blocking at the point of attack and the Georgia linemen allowed themselves to get turned opening up a huge hole for him to run through. Those things are going to happen occasionally against good teams. Georgia did the best job they have done under Grantham of being in the right defense and not allowing players to run wide open in the secondary.

2)There was a hold call blown on the South Carolina fake punt. Reuben Falougi was tackled by the center on the fake punt. It didn’t appear thebe the block that sprung the runner but a hold is a hold and one this blatant should have been called. If called it takes seven points off the board for Carolina and forces a punt.

3)King is not living up to being the number one receiver. He has 3 catches through two games. While no one expected him to be Green everyone did expect him to be the clear cut number one wide receiver. It is only two games but with him being the most experienced receiver the early games should have shown that difference more so than games later in the season. Hopefully his great catch on Georgia’s last drive of the game sparks him. With the way Bennett and Mitchell are coming along if the veterans Wooten, Brown and King can show up then Georgia can have a very explosive offense.

4)Murray is bi-polar. When he is at his best he is one of the best in the country. When he is off his game he cripples the offense. He has to get better at managing his bad stretches. If he can get to where his bad stretches are him playing average and keep the high end of his game the same then the offense can become the best it has been since 2007. It is ok to throw the ball away or to take a sack. Hopefully the emergence of Crowell and some of the younger wide receivers will help Murray realize he doesn’t have to carry the team alone.

5)Richt may have lost some fan support but he has not lost his team. Coaches can bounce back from losing fan support with a few nice winning streaks but players are a different story. Once you lose them there is little chance of the team bouncing back. Richt’s players play hard for him and are not going to quit. They had the chance after the fumble return to the five and the interception return for a touchdown by Carolina gave up 14 quick points. They had the chance after the fumble return for a touchdown in the 4th quarter. Both times Georgia answered with quick touchdowns to get back in the game. The players may have made mistakes that cost the team the game but they have a lot of resiliency in them and would not quit fighting for the win.

6)The only person on the field that can stop Crowell is himself. Once he learns how to work out a bit harder and to mentally prepare to play through fatigue he is going to be a star. Bobo has already stated that he will get Crowell the ball as often as the freshman can handle it. For the first time in years Georgia should have a balanced attack without Bobo having to force it artificially.

7)Richt is not just blowing smoke up the fans collective skirts when he says this team is going to be very good. The only question is will they get there fast enough to save his job.

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