Thursday, September 29, 2011

Could 2011 be a repeat...

Of 2007. I ask this because it has a few similarities (past results do not always predict the future). In 2007 Georgia lost an early game it should not have to South Carolina. The OL was a big question mark but got better as the season went on. The team had a freshman running back that started the season pretty good but picked up steam and was great by the end of the year. The team was led by a sophomore QB that took his lumps the year before as a freshman but really hit his stride midway through his sophomore year. The team started that season with 2 early losses then struggled against a weak Vandy team. While the win over Ole Miss was not exactly a struggle it was also not a thing of beauty and Ole Miss this year may not be as good as that Vandy team was. This year's defense has the potential to be much better than the 2007 defense that was not great but did make timely plays.

I do not know if this team can hit the type stride that the 2007 team did but there are reasonable comparisons. Georgia has gotten better from game to game this year and for stretches has even looked great. If they can continue to improve, cut out key mistakes (turnovers, big punt returns, missed fg's) and pick up W's until the team hits its full stride then there is reason to believe that this team can have a second half of the season run similar to 2007. Saturday is the next step in the process.

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