Saturday, September 3, 2011

Prediction for Boise State game

38-28 Georgia wins. The first half is back and forth with both teams scoring a touchdown each quarter for a 14-14 halftime score. The second half Georgia slowly takes over the game behind Murray and a power running game. Georgia leads 24-21 after three and pulls out the tough win 38-28 by eating up a lot of clock in the 4th and using special teams to constanly pin Boise deep. Ok so that is way too detailed a prediction but hey it is almost 5 am, I am working and stoked out of my mind about the game tonigth so why not.

Can't promise that prediction is not more my heart than my head but for a change going into a season it is the other team having problems with game one suspensions and not Georgia. I am taking that as a good omen and predicting the "upset".

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