Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keys to a Georgia Win.

Here is my take on what Georgia must do to win tonight.

1. Murray must play an even game. Last year he would be up and down within the same game. Overall it balanced out to the plus side but we need him to consistent throughout the game. He is the leader of the team and they need him on every play of every series to do his thing.

2. Someone other than Orson Charles must step up as a play maker to help Murray. That can be a running back, wide receiver or possibly even one of the other tight ends when Georgia goes with two. Hopefully it will be a collection of players making big plays but someone has to take advantage of the attention that Charles will most likely be drawing.

3. Defense must be sound fundamentally. It would be great if they create turnovers, get sacks and deliver a few huge hits but more importantly they need to not miss assignments. Moore is a very good at taking advantage when the defense misses an assignment and it will be vital that Georgia forces him to make plays instead of allowing him to take advantage of a blown assignment (wheel route anyone?)

4. The defense must have a leader. This off season all the talk about defense has been that Robinson is a good leader. He is the brains of the defense, but we need more than that. We need a player or two to step up and be the heart of the defense. We need someone that puts fear into opposing teams, a David Pollack, Thomas Davis, Odell Thurman type. Someone that you know is going to bring it on every play. Someone that the team knows is going to do his job and do it great for four quarters. Georgia needs someone who is going to lay it on the line and lead by example, making the routine plays as well as the amazing plays. There are plenty of players who have the athletic ability but which defensive player(s) are going to be true gamers. *This is a key to the season not just this game.*

5. Trench warfare. Boise is a physical team but that is not how they beat you. They beat you by being be precision team that plays physical. The thing is though very few teams get them into a street fight. You are not going to beat Boise my out scheming, out thinking, out executing them. You must do all those things because Boise will bring it in all three areas but the best way to beat them is to drag them into 15 round heavy weight fight. As Mike Tyson famously said "everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the". Georgia has to take the fight to Boise in the trenches. The offensive line needs to be in attack mode, hit them and hit them again and again. The same goes for the defensive line. The only way a team can take advantage of a big size difference is to use that size to attack. If you let the other side pick the location of the battle then they can overcome with scheme, technique and determination. On the other hand if you are constantly bringing the fight to the other side then the side with superior size is more likely to win.

This is an over simplification but it can be compared to the Civil War. Lee had used his superior skills for years to overcome the North's superior numbers (size). When Grant took over he took a pretty good beating in almost every battle that was fought against Lee. The difference between Grant and his predecessors was that he knew he that if he kept taking the fight to Lee that eventually he would win based on the numbers. Grant won a war of attrition because he knew what he had and used that to his advantage.

Georgia needs to be the aggressor. Take the fight to Boise. Lean on both lines the entire game. Challenge the manhood of our big uglies and let them know that this game is all about them. Unleash hell for 60 minutes and see which side comes out on top once the dust settles.

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