Friday, October 14, 2011

Keys to the game - Vandy

1. Show up - No I don't just mean show up at the stadium, though it would cause problems if the team literally didn't show up, but instead show up in spirit. After winning in Knoxville last week and Florida coming up after the bye it would be easy for the team to not be focused on what they have to do against Vandy. Vandy has a good enough defense to make this a long day for UGA if they aren't focused totally on what they have to do. Georgia is better on offense, defense and special teams.

2. Don't turn the ball over. Murray has thrown almost as many interceptions this season as he did all of last year. Vandy is tops in the country at getting interceptions. If Georgia doesn't turn the ball over a very weak Vandy offense has to drive the field against a defense that is starting to look like one of the best around.

3. Nail the coffin shut. Psychologically Georgia needed to play a couple of close games after the way they lost all their close games a season ago. They have done that now. The next step in becoming a top level team again is learning to put teams away early. Georgia has wasted chances to bury teams in the second half of games 3 games in a row. I want to see them eat tons of clock and put touchdowns up that end games early. Aside from the obvious of not giving the other team any hope of coming back this will also allow coaches to get some playing time for more of the second team guys. This will develop depth and protect starters from injuries.

Prediction - 34-10.

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