Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Way late Keys to the game Review - Vandy

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days but I, as well as my family, have been a bit under the weather so that took priority. Here is my review of the keys to the game as well as what I saw from re-watching the game.

1. Show up - Result - Georgia as a team did not show up for this game. The offense put up points but none in the first quarter. The offense settled for 6 field goal attempts. Put just a couple of those six in the endzone and the game is not close. As for the defense, they gave up 200 yards rushing to Vandy. That is awful. The team simply did not come out focused on the task at hand.

2. Don't turn the ball over. Result - Georgia won the turnover battle 4 to 1. Winning the turnover battle made the difference in the game. The one turnover did hurt though as Georgia was in field goal range with the chance to make it an 8 point game.

3. Nail the coffin shut. Result - What can you say about this. Georgia took at 23-7 lead and had the chance with a stop to really put the game out of reach, instead Vandy returned the kickoff for 96 yards and a TD. Georgia then drove the field and had a chance to get that TD right back and steal away any momentum Vandy had gained but instead settled for a long field goal. Late in the game Georgia was driving down for at least a field goal when Murray threw his only interception of the game. What would have been an 8 point game stayed at 5. Right after the turnover by Georgia Geathers did a great job of breaking into the backfield and getting a hold of Rogers, if he tackles him there Georgia is up 7 and getting the ball back. Rogers instead broke the tackle and got a good gain to give Vandy a chance. Rambo intercepted a pass with 1 minute left in the game. He was trying to make sure he didn't give the ball right back to Vandy and took a knee. Only problem was Georgia couldn't run the clock out simply by taking three knees. First down, penalty. 1st and 2nd down loss of yards on a sideways play, to me when the other team knows you are going to run the ball to try to run clock, don't get fancy, go big and run it right at them. Then on third down we did what we should have on first and second and ran right at Vandy leading to a 4th down with not much time left but enough that we had to punt. Get off a punt and the game is over. We had it blocked and Vandy almost had a scoop and score that would have lost the game for Georgia. Time after time Georgia had the chance on offense and defense to put the game away and it was not until the final seconds ticked off that they did this.

Prediction - 34-10 - Result - 33-28

As for the tape review there is not much I can say other than it was an ugly game, which is just what Vandy wants. The good was that despite not having his best receiving threat Murray was able to throw for the most yards in a game of his career. The offensive line did a good job of giving Murray time to throw. Funny how it works out that Murray has time and has his best game of the season.

The biggest problem on defense to me appeared to be a defensive line that was almost too aggressive. Getting some pressure from the front three is nice in the 3-4 but if the line is giving up their gap integrity to get that pressure it can cause huge holes for the other teams running games. There were multiple times when a linemen would get great push only to have the running back run right into the spot that the lineman just vacated.

Basically though the game boiled down to two things. First Georgia has not reached the point where it is mature enough to not overlook a game like this. Second it has matured enough from last year to win a game like this that it almost certainly would have last year. The good news from the game is that it hopefully served as a wakeup call to the team that they still have a long ways to go. They have improved from game to game each week this year until this game. Hopefully with two weeks until the Florida game and a reminder that they still have to work their butts off this close victory can

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