Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That bittersweet feeling.

The best and worst time of the college football season is coming up, bowl season. Starting December 17th with the New Mexico Bowl and ending January 9th with the BCS championship game (that LSU already won?) there will be 35 bowl games. I will do my best to watch everyone that I can. That is the good part. It is a chance to see good non-conference games. You don't have to wait for Saturdays as you can watch games day after day after day. The bittersweet part of it is that come January 10th there will be no more games for 8 more months. Alright I will make no more mention of that as it is too depressing to think think about. Instead mark your calendars for December 17th at 2pm when a pair of 8-4 teams meet when Temple and Wyoming clash. That is followed by Ohio versus Utah State at 5:30 and San Diego State versus Louisiana Lafayette at 9pm. They aren't the marquis match ups that will come later in the bowl season but often times they end up being some of the more fun games to watch when teams that don't normally get much of a spot light get the chance to be the only game on TV.

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