Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tough loss to Washington, but overall a good (not great) season.

First NCAA at large bid in 9 years. Stayed competative entire game. Never were out of a game we played all year. I think the biggest reason that Thompkins needs to come back next year (aside from being selfish on my part) is that even when he can't be stopped by the other team he doesn't demand the ball enough. As for the team, it is the depth not the starters that did us in. Very few teams can win in the NCAA without a single point from their bench. For the starting five to keep us in the game against the highest scoring team in the country without any bench help at all and one starter on the bench for most of the game was pretty good. The biggest question as to how far Fox will take us as a coach is how he does next year with losing Thompkins and Leslie (if they both go which I am not 100% sold both will go).

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