Thursday, October 27, 2011

The "other" guys

There are several names that are obviously key for Georgia to be successful come Saturday the game however is played by a lot of guys, both starters and backups that will go a long way to deciding the game. Here are several guys I think need to step up for Georgia to have the type game we would all like to see.

On offense with Mitchell out I think it is important that Brown and Bennett have solid games. Neither has to be a star but if each can provide dependable targets for Murray it will make the passing game dangerous even without Mitchell. Georgia has not utilized the running backs and fullbacks often but when they have it has been pretty successful. Hitting them a few times out of the backfield to pick up first downs could be huge.

On defense getting Washington back is huge. Florida has given up the second fewest sacks in the SEC. With either a banged up Brantley in the game or one of the backups with little experience it will be important to put pressure on the quarterback. The pressure could force them into mistakes which is where my other key defensive players show up. Rambo leads the SEC in interceptions. The last several years UF has had a major lead in turnovers when playing Georgia (12-1). Coming into this years game Georgia is +5 in turnovers while UF is -7. Winning the turnover battle will go a long way to deciding the game. The last player on defense I think will have a huge impact is whoever starts at safety for Williams. Commings has been the starter when Rambo and Williams weren't earlier in the season and I expect he will again. Williams was coming on strong the last few games and someone stepping up in his place for the first half will be big.

Another thing that will be interesting to watch is how Grantham uses his linebackers now that they are all available. Reports have been that Ogletree will start which is odd since he has been out the longest. Gilliard has been the most productive so I expect him to start at the other inside spot. Having them all available is great but it will be important that Grantham has them in at the right times and finds a rotation that allows them to get into a rhythm together.

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