Monday, October 24, 2011

WM can't get it done in GA/UF series

Will Muschamp and Willie Martinez = WM. One went 0-4 in the series as a player. The other went 1-5 as a defensive coordinator. They combined to give up an average of 34.5 PPG when either one of them had anything to do with the defense. During the current downturn of Georgia in the UGA/UF series they are responsible for 50% of the losses but only 33% of the wins. Now not only are both WM's gone from Georgia but one has brought his bad mojo (0-4) in the series to the other side.

Muschamp is responsible for the 1 loss in 1990 becoming a 5 game losing streak. One game does not make a streak, 5 does. Now that he is at UF he will be responsible for turning the series back the way it was before he arrived in Athens. Pre-WM arriving in Athens the series was 44 wins for Georgia 22 losses and 2 ties. That means the natural order of the series is for Georgia to win twice as many games as UF. With the WM mojo now squarely the curse on UF instead of Georgia the series will turn and Georgia will win 43 of the next 48 games against UF to get the series to 90-45-2. After that point Florida will start winning slightly more often by posting wins 1 out of every 3 years.

Just for insurance Georgia Hired McGarity away from UF. His record while working at either Georgia or Florida is 30 wins and 5 losses for the side he worked for. The first game while he was at Georgia in 1973 was a loss for Georgia. His first game returning to Georgia was a loss. He was money all those years after that.

No way you can argue with the facts!

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