Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Florida by the numbers

First number is rank in the SEC

Scoring offense
5 Georgia 32.3ppg
6 Florida 26.9ppg

Rushing offense
6 Florida 175.71ypg
7 Georgia 162.43ypg

Passing offense
3 Georgia 248.7ypg
8 Florida 178.0ypg

Total offense
3 Georgia 411.1ypg
7 Florida 353.7ypg

Scoring defense
3 Florida 18.9ppg
6 Georgia 20.4ppg

Rushing defense
3 Georgia 102.00ypg
4 Florida 120.71ypg

Passing defense
3 Florida 168.4ppg
4 Georgia 171.0ppg

Total defense
3 Georgia 273.0ppg
5 Florida 289.1ppg

Turnover margin
4 Georgia +5
12 Florida -7

Punt returns allowed
3 Florida 4.3 per return
12 Georgia 14.6 per return

FG %
1 Caleb Sturgis 93.8
9 Blair Walsh 60.0 (lowest among SEC kickers that have enough kicks to qualify)

As you can tell the two teams are close in many categories. Georgia has a significant advantage in points per game scored, passing offense and turnover margin. Florida has a significant advantage in average punt return allowed and FG%. The biggest reason for the difference in turnover margin is that Georgia has gotten 7 more interceptions than Florida. If Georgia can continue to win the turnover and simply hold their own in special teams it has a great chance to win the game. Coming into the season Georgia was expected to dominate special teams against most teams but that has not played out. Florida is one of the few teams that coming into the year has specialist that would be considered as good as Georgia's. Maybe that is what they need to get them focused enough to do the job they should have been all along.

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