Saturday, December 31, 2011

Key players and matchups Michigan State edition

1. Aaron Murray versus Kirk Cousins - This season Murray threw for 9 more touchdowns than Cousins. Cousins threw for 5 fewer interceptions. The yardage was fairly close between them. The running game will still be important but I think the quarterback that is sharper will win the game. The leadership of both quarterbacks after a long layoff and let downs by both teams after losing their conference championship games will set the tone for both teams.

2. Georgia offensive tackles versus Michigan States pass rush - I think that the middle of Georgia's line will be fine. They have done a pretty good job this season no matter who has been playing the guards. The problem Georgia has had is with speed rushers coming off the edge. Glenn and Anderson are both really big bodies that do a great job once they get their hands on someone. The problem they both have is they are built more for interior play and struggle at times with cutting off the edge from some of the faster pass rushers. If they can give Murray time I think Georgia's depth of receivers and tight ends will be too much for Michigan State.

3. Cunningham and Martin versus Boykin, Commings, and Smith - The two top targets for Michigan State have combined for over half of the teams receptions and close to two thirds of their receiving yards. If Boykin, Commings and Smith can hold those two in check it will put a lot of pressure on Michigan State to find someone else to make plays for them.

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