Friday, December 30, 2011

Adjusted offense/defense rank for Georgia and Michigan State

Average rank of offense Georgia played was 82.30. Georgia finished 3rd in total defense.
82.30+3=85.30 divided by 2 for an adjusted total defensive rank of 42.65.
Average rank of offense MSU played was 66.23.  MSU finished 5th in total defense.
66.23+5=71.23 divided by 2 for an adjusted total defensive rank of 35.62.

Average rank of defense Georgia played was 47.85. Georgia finished 37th in total offense.
47.85+37=84.85 divided by 2 for an adjusted offensive rank of 42.43.
Average rank of defense MSU played was 57.46. MSU finished 60th in total offense.
57.46+60=117.46 divided by 2 for an adjusted total offensive rank of 58.73.

For anyone who hasn't read my previous adjusted stats posts I get them by averaging the rank of every team played adding the opposite stat (i.e. average offensive rank of opponents + defensive rank of team and dividing by 2) to adjust stats for relative quality of opponents. Any 1AA team is automatically given a rank of 120 (last) which is dead last if they were a 1A team.

When adjusted it raises Michigan State's defense slightly ahead of Georgia's. Georgia's offense already looked slightly better, 30 yards rushing per game while even in passing, and when adjusted Georgia pulls a bit further ahead of Michigan State. Again these appear to be two evenly matched opponents.


  1. " Michigan State was a stronger team in 2010 when they were co-champions of the Big Ten and faced a 10-3 Alabama in the Capital One Bowl.. That game ended in a 49-7 Alabama beat down.
    This years Michigan State almost won the Big Ten championship again … and again it finds itself facing an SEC opponent similar to Alabama in ability and talent. A 10-3 Georgia with a defense that is one of the best in the country . Georgia also has a capable running back that should have gained a 1000 yards this year and is backed up by a stable of experience running backs.
    Mark Richt is 4-1 in his last five bowls…… Michigan State is 0-5."

  2. AthensHomer - All very good points but there is no way to know that last years Michigan State team was stronger than this years. They were co-champions last year but this year they had to play a championship game so really no difference there. I do think that Georgia will win the game but you never know where either teams head will be heading into a bowl game. Bowl games depend so much on how motivated a team comes into the game unless there is a huge difference in talent and while I think Georgia is the more talented team they have not beaten a team as good as Michigan State so far this season.