Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quick thoughts post SECCG

First I am damn proud of our team. They played their hearts out and had a great recovery from last season and an 0-2 start to get to the SECCG. They played a very good first half and if not for a few drops would have had LSU on the ropes. The thing that was so frustrating was the missed calls by the refs. From the fumble on LSU's punt return for a touchdown that should have led to a Georgia touchback, to the LSU player hitting Murray in the head that would have kept that drive alive preventing LSU's second big return, to countless missed holding calls, to the final two passes of the game which were interference the refs did not give Georgia a fair shake in the game. We may have still lost the game but I'd like to have seen what would have happened if a couple of obvious calls go our way.

Basically we all knew Georgia had to take advantage of all their chances, not turn the ball over and not give up big plays on special teams. We dropped two sure touchdowns, turned the ball over three times and gave up two big punt returns. LSU did what they do best, they didn't make mistakes and when the chances presented themselves they took advantage.

I know games last four quarters but it would be a shame not to bring up the first half for our defense. It was amazing to watch. Too bad the special teams and turnovers didn't allow them the chance to see what they could do in the second half.

A big shout out to all the Georgia players. Recover, rest up and start getting ready for the bowl game. Kick some butt there to put an exclamation point on a very good season.

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