Monday, January 2, 2012

For everyone who loves to pass up 3 sure points

Everyone watching the game at my house with me kept telling me to shut up about us going for it on fourth down and passing up the short field goal. That type thing has a tendency to bite you in the ass. Hey at least the crowd that thought Richt screwed up last year by kicking a field goal early in the game instead of going for it can be happy. I am old school though, take the points when you can get them. There is a lot of other reasons we lost that game. Walsh missing two field goals in overtime hurt. Though maybe if we gain ANY yards he doesn't have to make 40+ yard field goals. Also with a 16-0 lead Murray should not have thrown that pass, take the yards he can get running slide and live to play another game. That play turned the game around. I will have more on it tomorrow for now I need another drink, or eight.

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