Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally it's game day - Keys to the game - Outback Bowl

Truthfully I think there is only two keys to this game, focus and motivation. The team that stayed the most focused during practice leading up to the game will have a big advantage after a layoff from games for a month. Without games to keep them sharp the two teams will have to rely on how well they used their practice time. 

Motivation is tied right in with focus. Which team feels this game is the most important to them? Which team feels the most disappointment over having lost their championship game? It is my guess that Michigan State who was coming off a strong year last year would be the more disappointed team as Georgia bounced back from a 6-7 season and ended up losing to an LSU team that no one has beaten. That though is just a guess and there is really no way to know until the game kicks off. 

So assuming the focus and motivation is there for both teams, who wins? I think in the end Georgia is the more talented team. 
Prediction - 27-17. 

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