Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Blood a good thing

As shown by this report in the Athens Banner-Herald there will be a large number of players on both teams that are new to the Georgia/Florida series. I think that this plays into Georgia's favor. None of those players have been a part of a loss to UF. As I wrote about not to long ago, this group of freshmen seem to have brought in an attitude change that has helped the team this year.

I am with Bernie fully that it is long past due that not just the team but the fans quit making excuses for the losses. I believe this team with go in with the attitude that they are going to win the game because they are the better team instead of hoping to win the game. Play to win instead of not to lose. Something will go wrong during the game. When it does instead of melting like a stick of butter and expecting the worst that is time to tighten to chin strap and focus even more. The East is the Dawgs for the taking, let us all(players, coaches, and FANS) all do our parts in bringing it home. No excuses, just get it done.

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