Thursday, December 29, 2011

Michigan State: By the numbers

Here is a look at the raw data comparing Michigan State and Georgia.

UGANat. RankMSUNat. Rank
Passing yards241.250247.544
Passing yards allowed165.18168.412
Rushing yards172.6940142.9275
Rushing yards allowed103.3810104.3112
Total offense413.839390.460
Total defense268.53272.75
PPG scored32.23330.838
PPG allowed19.61617.59
Punt returns6.688111.724
Punt returns allowed16.91199.9286
Punting average43.462239.4775
Kickoff returns22.44824.3113
Kickoff returns allowed23.479223.69100
Kickoff average65.681865.1726
First downs21.63819.867
First downs allowed14.3216.212
Sacks allowed2.23831.2326
Tackles for loss7.23186.8527
Tackles for loss allowed5.77675.0835
Turnovers gained29162250
Turnovers lost2263159
Turnover margin723723
3rd down %43.50%3939.56%74
Opponent 3rd down %28.81%333.70%17
Red zone TD %63.46%4260.78%62
Red zone FG %19.23%6921.57%57
Red zone total %82.69%5782.3458
Redzone trips52365139
Opp. Red Zone TD %66.67%9460%64
Opp. Red Zone FG %22.22%7017.14%33
Opp. Red Zone total %88.89%10877.14%30
Redzone trips allowed2763520
Time of possession33:48:38631:27:6927

Truthfully from a statistical point of view these two teams may be the best match up of the bowl season. Georgia averages about 30 more yards per game rushing. Outside of that the offenses and defenses put up nearly identical numbers. Michigan State appears to be slightly better all around in special teams but their numbers don't really blow me away. The one stat that concerns me quite a bit is the sacks and tackles for loss allowed by Georgia. Michigan State is one of the best in the country at getting sacks and tackles for loss. Georgia is in the bottom half of the country in giving them up. Georgia must improve in that area to give their offense a chance against will be one of the better defenses in the nation. All in all it should be a great game.

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